Miyashi - Cordless Massaging Cushion Pillow Gives Your Muscles a Soothing Massage in a Chair or Anywhere

Get a get relief for your aching muscles anytime, anywhere with the Miyashi massage pillow. The Miyashi™ pillow combines the ancient art of Japanese massage with modern technology to provide comfort when you need it and where you need it. A bulky message chair is difficult to bring where you need it, but the cordless Miyashi massaging cushion is lightweight enough to be used in your car or in the office. The product will turn any chair into a message chair! Getting a professional message can be very expensive, so you will probably only able to afford one once in a while. But the Miyashi is affordable or anyone and can be used over and over--every day or even multiple times a day. The Miyashi massaging pillow employs e-centric pulsation, which works to stimulate and soothe aching muscles. Unlike most massage pillows, the special shape of this cushion is optimal to match the contours of your body. The Miyahsi can be used to provide a massage to your back, neck, shoulders, feet, legs, and ankles. In addition, the Miyashi massage cushion offers two important optional features. The optional heat function provides your sore muscles with even more relaxation. The optional time switch allows you to use Miyashi to soothe you to sleep; the timer will tell the pillow when to automatically shut off. Give your muscles a treat with Miyashi!

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