Monster 1200 - Portable Hand Held Steam Cleaner Will Work to Clean and Sanitize Surfaces In Your Home.

All of us recognize the dangers of germs and bacteria. They can make us and our family very sick. Sprays and disinfectants are not enough to keep us safe. Use what hospitals use to sanitize; use the Monster 1200™. The Monster 1200 is a versatile and portable hand held steam cleaner that you can use in every room of your home to sanitize surfaces on contact. Great for the bathroom, kitchen, ceilings or floors and best of all, it only takes water to supercharge your cleaning routine! The Monster 1200 does the rest! Stinky tennis shoes or filthy coffee pots can all be cleaned and sanitized by using the Monster 1200. The Monster 1200 releases constant and reliable pressure for 30 minutes straight and delivers the perfect amount of steam and cleaning solution to quickly and effectively eliminate germs and bacteria from all the non-porous surfaces in your home. According to national reviews the Monster 1200 is the only steam cleaner that has been proven to eradicate the MRSA and Norovirus from infected surfaces. If you are concerned about the environment you will be happy to know that the Monster 1200 doesn't use harmful chemicals, is completely safe and can be used all over your home. Don't settle for wiping germs around - super blast them with the penetrating hot steam of the Monster 1200!

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