Movie Mate Pillow - Watch TV While Lying Down in Total Comfort Even with Your Glasses on with this Product

Watching TV, or viewing your smart phone or tablet while lying down can be a great way to relax but if you wear glasses then this can be quite the hassle and uncomfortable experience. If you are looking for a pillow that will allow you to do the above mentioned activity with much more comfort, then the Movie Mate Pillow™ is the product to get. Not only is the product made out of high quality poly-foam material which makes it really soft and supportive, but also features a channel that is specially designed with eye-glass frames in mind. As seen on, when lying on the MovieMatePillow, this channel allows the frame of your glasses to go into the pillow unobstructed. This means that the frame of your glasses will not press onto your face, preventing discomfort when you are lying on your side watching TV or using your tablet or smartphone with your glasses on. This also ensures that you will not need to compromise your vision just to enjoy utmost comfort when viewing TV shows or videos on your mobile devices. Also, the Move Mate Pillow can also be used as a standard throw pillow so this product should make for a great addition to your bed or sofa.

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