Multi Stripper - The Best Paint Stripper Tool That is Safe for Use on Metal, Wood, and a Wide Variety of Surfaces

Stripping old paint and unwanted reside and deposits from surfaces using traditional stripping means like sanding or the use of chemicals can be exhausting, time consuming and potentially dangerous, but not with the Multi Stripper™. It is a revolutionary paint stripper tool that will allow you to get rid of old paint, rust and other surface deposits fast and easy. Using sand paper to remove paint will take ages and a lot of energy before you finish. Power sanders and scrapers can get the job done fast, but can damage fragile surfaces like wood. Using chemicals can get messy and dangerous. The Multi Stripper on the other hand, is the best paint stripper you will ever find. It features space age Lexan as its core; it is a material that is lightweight yet extremely durable. It also features high carbon steel tines that are very durable and effective in removing paint, rust and other unwanted build up without harming the surface you are trying to clean. The Multi Stripper is safe to use on many surfaces such as wood or metal, making this a very reliable and versatile cleaning tool. It is also easy to use. All you need to do is attach the lightweight Multi Stripper to any drill and clean away.

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