MushABelly - The Adorable MushABellies Are More Than Just Stuffed Animals, They're Loads of Fun

The fun and games never ends with MushABellies! What is a MushABelly™ you ask? For starters, MushABellies are adorable stuffed animals that make the cutest sounds when you mush their bellies. Clip them on to a bag, and they are ready to bring the joy anywhere! But that's just the beginning. Every MushABelly comes with a passport and 3 augmented reality marker cards - a character icon, a launcher card and a target marker. These are your ticket to boundless hours of fun with the free MushABellies game app. Just place the cards on a flat surface and look at them through your IPod, IPad or Smart Phone and you will see your MushABelly come to life. Launch your MushABelly across the screen to hit the target marker, and mix and match cards from different MushABellies to create an astounding variety of games and interactions. With six different MushABellies that each have their own personality and marker cards, you will find yourself and having fun with all your friends when you get together and play MushABellies! Whether you want Mungo Monkey, Buzzie Bee, Conan Cow, Racket Racoon, Finless Frog or Heckle Hedgehog, your MushABelly will be an amazing buddy who you can spend hours of play with and bring along to meet up with other MushABellies. Don't get left out of the fun, get a MushABelly today!

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