My Fab Face - Reviews say this Mirror Makes Applying Make-Up Much Easier to Do

Do you tend to apply makeup to enhance your look, but you hate that your mirror is such in an awkward position that it is quite difficult for you to put make-up on? My Fab Face™ is the product that you will definitely find to be useful then. As seen on, the MyFabFace is a specially designed mirror with a lot of intuitive features that makes it much better compared to the conventional mirror that you are used to using. My Fab Face features 20 LED lights around the edges of the mirror which can be activated and adjusted with just a single button. This feature helps to ensure that you will get adequate lighting each and every time you use the mirror, and will really help to allow you to see the details of the area of your face that you are working on. Also, what’s great about the My Fab Face is that it features swivel and tilt adjustments so you will be able to position the mirror just the way you want it to. Reviews love that this mirror makes it much easier for users to apply makeup on, and will result in faster make-up application with more precision as well.

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