My Flying Buddy - Allow Your Child to Play with a Truly Fun Bird-Like Toy

Does your child love to watch birds fly around? If so then the My Flying Buddy™ is one toy that your child will most likely love to play with. This is a toy that closely mimics a real bird and is a product that your child will really love to play with. From a far, the My Flying Buddy looks just like a colorful bird that you will get to see in the wild but not only does it look the part, the My Flying Buddy also flies just like a real bird. To use, simply wind up the product in order to activate it, no need to use batteries with this bird. Once you are done winding up the My Flying Buddy, all you need to do is to press a button to release its wings and you will notice that the MyFlyingBuddy flaps its wings just like a real bird does. Before releasing, adjust the My Flying Buddy's tail feathers in order to make it fly straight or do circular flight patterns. Your child will really love that the My Flying Buddy flies just like a real bird and will spend a lot of time playing with this toy. As seen on, what's great about the My Flying Buddy is that despite its lightweight construction, the product is actually quite durable so your child will be able to play with the My Flying Buddy as much as he or she wants without too much damage on the toy.

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