My Owner - Tags That Will Allow You to Retrieve Your Mobile Device or Other Valuables After Getting Lost

Do you tend to forget where you placed your mobile phone or tablet, or other valuable items like watches, cameras, jewelry and the like? Before you lose them permanently, use My Owner™ tags on your valuables. The My Owner tags are PermaStik tags that can be applied onto a variety of surfaces; at the back of your mobile phone, behind your watch and many more. How does MyOwner help you get your device or other valuables back? Various studies show that whenever an individual finds something valuable like a wallet, a bag, a mobile device among other things, 90% of the time that individual will return the item to its rightful owner or if that is not possible, the least that the finder does is return the item to the lost and found section. The problem is that the lost and found section could not find you if the found item does not have any identification. That's where My Owner comes in. Each My Owner PermaStik comes with a unique code. When an item of yours that has a MyOwner tag is lost and subsequently found, the finder can just input the code into the My Owner website, and the finder's contact information will be sent to you, the owner. This allows you to retrieve your lost item. What's great about the My Owner is that it does not require power nor does it require a device to be switched on, and it will work with just about any item that you find to be valuable.

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