My Pillow - Learn Why Reviews Call this the Best Bedtime Partner to Help Improve Your Sleep

A lot of people are suffering from sleep discomfort all over the world, and a majority of these cases are caused by pillows that are uncomfortable, too soft, get hot and flatten easily. If you are looking for a comfortable pillow that will let you sleep comfortably through the night, then the My Pillow™ is the pillow for you! It is the amazing sleep partner that will not cause you to toss and turn through the night, and will give you the most comfortable and coolest sleep that you have always wanted. Traditional pillows use closed cell foam as filler. Unfortunately, this material is squishy and will not give the necessary support to your head and neck, causing pain and even numbness. This material also gets hot over time, making your sleep experience even more uncomfortable. The My Pillow uses an open cell ply-foam material that has a natural cooling effect. With the My Pillow, you do not need to toss your pillow to the cool side anymore, as it stays cool all night long. It also gives you the support that your head and neck needs in order to keep you comfortable and give you the hours of sleep that you need. Cleanup of the My Pillow is really easy as it is washable, allowing you to keep it clean with ease. Many reviews and testimonials taut the My Pillow as the solution to their sleeping problems.

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