My Power Handle - The Product makes it Very Easy and Convenient to Get In and Out of Your Car

Getting in and out of the car can be quite difficult, especially when you have some form of injury or disability or if you are pregnant. If you are looking for a tool that will make moving into or going out of your car much easier then the My Power Handle™ could be just what you are looking for. It is an easy to use tool that will provide you extra support when you enter or exit your car. When you are about to leave your car, simply insert the My Power Handle's metal end onto the door striker and it should now act as a sturdy platform that you can grab on to when you go out. This should now make it a whole lot easier for you to get out of the car, even without help from other people. What's great about the MyPowerHandle is that it does not require any installation as it simply snaps into place and can easily be removed as well. Since the My Power Handle attaches onto the door striker which every car has; it is guaranteed to work with virtually any model of car. Also, since the door striker is one of the sturdies parts of any vehicle, you are guaranteed a reliable platform to grab on to while at the same time not causing any damage to your vehicle.

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