My Power Pebble - Review Say This Portable Charger is a Great Accessory to Any Gadget Power User

Mobile phones and smart phones have a lot of innovative and truly useful functions that you most likely use these devices a number of times a day. If you notice that your battery charge is not enough to last you the whole day however then the My Power Pebble™ is probably the best accessory for you. It is a compact, power bank that will allow you to enjoy more usage out of your mobile phone or device. To use, simply pre-charge the My PowerPebble through a USB outlet to load it up with power. When your mobile phone batter already drops to critical levels, simply plug the My Power Pebble to the USB socket of your mobile phone and you should have an instant boost of power. What a lot of reviews love about the My Power Pebble is that it is very compact so you will not have a problem bringing it wherever you go as you can easily fit the Pebble inside your pocket or inside your purse. As seen on, the My Power Pebble does not involve the use of cables to charge your phone; it's just simply a matter of plugging the My Power Pebble directly to your phone's USB slot, and you should now have up to an extra 5 hours' worth of talk time.

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