My Shiney Hiney - Effectively Clean Your Butt with Ease with This Product

If you are very conscious of your personal hygiene then you most likely want to make sure that every part of your body is as clean as possible. If you are looking for a way for you to better clean your behind then the My Shiney Hiney™ is probably the best tool for the job. The My Shiney Hiney features medium bristles that are attach to a curved, ergonomically designed applicator brush. This ergonomic design will allow you to easily reach the most personal parts of your body. Also, the medium bristles are very effective at thoroughly cleaning these parts of your body, while at the same time being about the cleaning effect with minimal pain and discomfort. Also included in the MyShineyHiney kit are three medium bristle brush heads that you can use as replacements for the one attached to the My Shiney Hiney applicator handle. As seen on, you get a shower cup holder that will make it much easier for you to store your My Shiney Hiney in the shower. With this kit, you are guaranteed that you can easily clean the most personal areas of the body, ensuring that your personal hygiene is at their top levels in all parts of your body.

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