My Spy Birdhouse - Attach this Box to Your Window and See Birds Up Close Through a Clear Pane

Parents love introducing their children to the wonders of nature. One of the easiest and most fun ways of doing this is through bird watching. But when the birds go away into their nest, tree trunk, or bird house, they are hidden from view...until now. The My Spy Birdhouse™ is an ingenious new type of bird house. The back side of this wooden box is a clear acrylic window that lets you see inside. You then attach this birdhouse box to the outside of any window in your house. This allows you and your children to view birds as they nest, lay eggs, hatch chicks, and raise their young. A fascinating and up close education of the natural world. To ensure the birds will not be scared off by the sight of human faces staring at them, My Spy Birdhouse includes a two-way mirror that is placed over the clear pane; this lets you see into the birdhouse while preventing the birds from seeing you. The dimensions of the box are just right for many of the most common backyard bird species, including chickadees, wrens, and nuthatches. The suction cups used to attach the birdhouse to your window are sturdy enough to keep it securely in place in any season and any kind of weather. A front perch allows birds to rest outside the birdhouse. Also available is the My Spy Close Up Bird Feeder that attaches to your window. Buy My Spy Birdhouse receive a guide with tips from bird expert James Currie.

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