My Tie Mate - The Easy to Use and Risk-Free Way for You To Secure Your Tie

If you work in an office where you will need to dress professionally or go to a lot of formal events then you most likely need to use your neck tie, but the problem is that neck ties can flap to the wind or even fall onto your food, causing wrinkles and dirt which can ruin your look. If you are looking for a product that will allow you to easily secure your tie then the My Tie Mate™ is the product for you. Conventionally you would have had to use a hook or a clip to secure your tie, but the problem is that they can actually do damage to your tie or to your shirt itself. This is not the case with the MyTieMate, as it is just a piece of durable cotton. All that you will need to do is to insert the My Tie Mate through the label of your neck tie and then secure each end of the My Tie Mate onto a button of your shirt. With the My Tie Mate holding your tie; it should stay secure and in place even if there are strong winds or if you bend over to pick up something. Since the My Tie Mate does not rely on metal clips or hooks; no damage will come upon your expensive ties or shirts as well.

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