Neat Desk Organizer - Your Digital Scanner That Becomes Your Personal Filing Cabinet and Filing Assistant

Our lives are filled with endless paperwork and documentation. Whether it's for personal accounts, work related transactions, taxes, or other purposes, you will always have paper files around your home and office. Because of this, Neat Desk Organizer™ has created a system for you store everything in one place, so that you can find what you need at the click of a button. Neat Desk Organizer is a system that includes a desktop digital scanner and software for your computer. The digital scanner can scan anything from regular documents to receipts to calling cards. What's more is you won't have to worry about naming the files or arranging it in your computer, because the software will do that for you with its intelligent text analyzing system. Imagine that, being able to organize your files simply by letting Neat Desk Organizer handle it. All you have to do is place the documents in the convenient trays, and neat desk will scan the entire batch, one by one. It will then sort it, label it, and store it in your computer. All of this will be done while you get to work on other important things as it runs in the background. When it is all finished, you can search for the files you need simply by using the search function, so no more rummaging in the musty file cabinet for things you need.

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