Neater Scooper - Makes Cleaning Up Your Cat's Litter box a Much More Convenient Process

Cat enthusiasts really love their pet cats but even they can't deny the hassle that cleaning a cat's litter box can bring. In order to make cleaning out waste out of the litter box fast and easy, the Neater Scooper™ is the product for you. It allows for hassle-free cleaning of your pet cat's litter box without causing too much fuss or mess. The NeaterScooper features a waste bean and an ingeniously designed trap door. With this mechanism, all you need to do is to scoop up the waste from your cat's litter box and the waste should slide through the trap door. Then, simply tilt the Neater Scooper forward to return the litter back into the box while keeping the waste segregated behind the trap door for hassle-free cleaning. Reviews also really love that the Neater Scooper also features an integrated waste bag. Once you are done cleaning, simply seal the bag and dispose properly. Not only does the Neater Scooper makes the whole process off cleaning your cat's litter box more sanitary; it also helps prevent the spreading of odor thanks to the scented waste bags that the Neater Scooper uses.

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