Ninja Mega Kitchen System - This 1500 Watt Blender Gives Power for Juicing, Food Processing and Pre

Imagine a single powerful kitchen appliance that combines a blender, food processor, and mixer in one unit. That is what the Ninja Mega Kitchen System™ can do for you. This product features 1500 watts of power and a 2 horsepower motor. This is much more than the appliances in your kitchen and is close to the kind of power enjoyed by professional chefs. This means that the Ninja Mega Kitchen System is able to pulverize and liquefy entire fruits and vegetables. Reviews say this makes it perfect for juicing because you and your family can benefit from all the nutrients and fiber in your favorite juice recipes. And it gets the job done without the need for tamping or adding extra water. The professional blending makes for powerful ice crushing, which results in perfect frozen drinks and smoothies. Get chef-certified food processing and prep done with the 8 cup processing bowl. The dough mixing feature lets you mix up to 2 pounds of bread dough, pizza dough, pasta dough, or cake and cookie batter in less than 20 seconds. As seen on and, the power and performance of the Ninja Mega Kitchen System can also be used with a convenient 16 ounce single serve cup, perfect for drinks on the go as well as blending salsas and salad dressing. When you buy the Ninja Mega Kitchen System for your family you will change the way you eat and live and look and feel your best by controlling what goes in your body. Buy the All In One Ninja® Mega Kitchen System™ and Receive a FREE Recipe Book plus FREE Shipping with a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!

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