Nite Brite Slippers - If Your Child Loves Toys that Light Up, then These Lighted Slippers for Kids are the Perfect Gift

Are you looking for a gift to give to your child? If your child is fascinated by things that glow or light up, then the Nite Brite Slippers™ are the perfect gift to give. They are a pair of kids slippers that light up every time the wearer takes a step. Inside each of these amazing slippers are LED lights that are activated by a motion sensor. These LEDs light up whenever a step is taken or if the slippers are tapped. These LEDs do not get warm at all, so they are safe and comfortable even for long term use. In terms of comfort, your kids will love these Nite Brites. These NiteBrites are made from high quality, plush material so they are very soft to step on yet still give adequate support as well. They are also quite durable, and will last your child quite a while. Nite Brite slippers also come in various cute and cuddly designs like a unicorn, dragon, a puppy or a monkey and many more that will surely appeal to your child. NiteBrite Slippers are perfect for children who are afraid of the dark, as their light up action will not only keep them entertained and feel safe, but will also help illuminate their way should they want to go to the bathroom or to the fridge after bedtime. These slippers are also perfect for travelling or for playtime with other kids.

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