No Fly Zone - Reviews Say This Product Will Keep the Flies Away While you Eat

Do you go on a lot of picnics or eat meals out of your house, but you hate the fact that flies can go and fly onto your area, causing an annoyance to whatever it is that you are doing? If you want to keep the flies away while you do your thing then the No Fly Zone™ is the perfect product for you. It is a portable fly repellant that you will surely want to bring out with you on your outdoor activities. The No Fly Zone features a cute, frog design that your family and friends will surely find to be fun. The product is also compact enough that it can be easily placed inside your bag, making it very easy to bring the product around no matter where your trip may be. What makes the No Fly Zone Effective at repelling flies is its flexible silicone tongue that swipes flies away with its 60-degree range of motion. Reviews love the No Fly Zone due to the fact that despite its simple mechanism, it is indeed effective at repelling flies from food or whatever it is that you are working on. Users also love the fact that the No Fly Zone is solar powered and self-charging, so you will not have to worry about manually charging the product.

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