No Freakin Way - The Fun and Hilarious Party game that You and Your Family Will Surely Enjoy

Having a fun game to play with your friends and relatives during gatherings is a great way to enjoy each other's company. No Freakin Way™ is one hilarious game that you and the other players will surely get a lot of laughs from. With No Freakin' Way, you get a number of scenario cards as well as poker-like chips that have different values from one dollar up to the titular No Freakin' Way. To play, a certain player is given an outrageous scenario to do from one of the scenario cards. All other players can participate, adding their own funny and outrageous ideas into the given scenario. The original player will then determine how much he or she would take in order for that scenario to be done. All other players then guess how much it would take using their money chips as bet. The closest guess wins and gets all other chips. The one with the highest value of chips at the end of the game wins. This party game is really fun and unpredictable, as players will never know what situation they are getting into, and what crazy ideas other players can add onto the scenario, providing a lot of laughs for hours on end.

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