No Mess Kitchen Board - The Ultimate Cutting Board That Cleans Up While You Cut

The No Mess Kitchen Board™ is a must have for any kitchen out there. If you have ever had to use a cutting board, then you know that there are times when it simply fails to be a neat and clean kitchen tool. Do you remember all those times you carved meat and the drippings simply slid off the board and onto your table or kitchen counter? How about slicing fruit and having all the juices drip onto your table cloth or kitchen floor? Let's face it, where cutting boards are concerned, the only evolution that has ever occurred is the use of plastic over wooden blocks. Today though, the cutting board is receiving a big change, and you can see it in the No Mess Kitchen Board. The No Mess Kitchen board features a lightweight durable cutting board that has a major upgrade, a gently curved surface that allows liquids to flow towards the middle of the board and be collected in a special receptacle. This means that meat drippings or fruit juice no longer litters your table, it goes straight into the No Mess Kitchen Board. What you do with it from there is your choice, so whether you toss it out, or use even that for cooking, all you have to do is twist the cutting surface off and easily pour the liquids wherever you wish. It is even specially designed no to slip or slide, unlike other regular cutting boards. Get one today!

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