NoWack Tack - This Hanger Solution Hangs Pictures to Your Wall With No Need to Whack a Nail

If you love to have pictures and paintings on your wall then you must have had to whack a nail into it many times in order to have somewhere to hang these pieces of art. With the NoWack Tack™ however, you do not have to go through the hassle of doing so, preserving your wall and making do without the need to bring a hammer out. This amazing No Wack Tack is very easy to use. All you need is to position it on a flat and clean surface of your wall, press it and you now have a secure area where you can hang pictures and paintings from. NoWack Tack features a unique tine technology that allows it to hold up to 40 pounds worth of weight. Since this is a nailless solution, you do not have to drive a nail through your wall, preserving its pristine look even when you have to remove or transfer the frame from its current position. It also frees you from the risk of accidents due to the heavy tools that you might use in driving a nail. NoWack Tack is simply the most practical, hassle free solution for your goal of hanging picture frames on your wall.

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