Nu Seat - Maintain Your New Car Seats or Make Old Ones Look Like New

If you use your car a lot then over the years it is possible that the seats have received a lot of damage and dirt. Instead of replacing your car seats with new ones or having them re-upholstered, you will want to apply the Nu Seat™ covers onto them instead. These uniquely designed seat covers will make your car seats look just like they were new. Unlike most seat covers which are made of leather or conventional fabrics, the NuSeat is made out of durable Flex-Fit material that hugs the shape and contours of your car's seat. As seen on , this gives the seat where the Nu Seat is installed a professionally upholstered, smooth and clean look that you will surely love. It also serves the function of adding a layer of protection on top of your car seat. To install, all you need to do is to slip the Nu Seat over your seat and strap it underneath and you are done. Aside from being easy to install and providing a smooth and clean look to your car's seat, reviews also love that the Nu Seat is easily removable and machine washable, allowing you to use these amazing seat covers for many years to come.

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