O-Cedar ProMist - Review this Spray Mop that Uses a Convenient Trigger to Unleash Cleaning Mist.

Cleaning has always been a challenging task with all the dirt, grime and what not that need to be dealt with. Good thing, there are products like O-Cedar ProMist spray mop to get rid of the hassle. The O-Cedar ProMist is a trigger-misting mop that is made of microfiber pads that takes any kind of dirt out of the floor. Since the microfiber pads are soft and easy to wash, the O-Cedar Pro Mist mop always looks like new. The microfiber pads can be attached in seconds. The ProMist spray mop can be used with either washable pads or disposable pads, giving customers a choice not available with many steam mop. A single washable pad can be used up to 100 times. Some of the conveniences that the O-Cedar ProMist mop offers would be its compatibility with any cleaning solution, not to mention that you no longer need to have a pail on standby when mopping. It can be used wet or dry, depending on your floor cleaning need. Buy O-Cedar ProMist online and you will be able to access a special rebate. This mop puts the quality of your cleaning to another level because it is designed to clean even the hard-to-reach areas. Review the wide variety of floor surfaces that the Pro Mist mop can handle: wood, linoleum, marble, stone, ceramic tile, vinyl, and laminate.

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