Onion Bloom - Reviews Say this Easy Tool Will Makes Onion Blossoms Just Like Ones in Expensive Restaurants

Onions are awesome side dishes that a lot of people love to eat along with meats and other dishes. If you want to prepare onion blooms that look just like the ones you see in fancy restaurants however, then Onion Bloom™ is the perfect cooking tool for you. With this lightweight, easy to use cooking tool, you will be able to prepare professional looking onion blooms at the comforts of y our own home. You really do not need to do any intricate cutting that can be time consuming and messy. All you need to do is to cut off the top of the onion, insert the onion into the middle of the OnionBloom and slice on the spaces provided. In just minutes, you will get a perfect bloom that will make your family and guests wonder how you were able to cut them so perfectly. Just cover the bloom with batter, deep fry, and you now have the perfect side dish that will be loved by many no matter what occasions you serve them for. You can even create your own dip for the onion dish, making it a delicious finger snack that your children will love to eat as regularly as possible. Reviews love how the Onion Bloom makes it extremely easy to prepare intricate looking, onion based dishes that surely wow people who get to see them.

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