Open 7 - Easily Open Cans and Other Food Containers with this Product

One of the initial hassles that you may encounter when cooking practically any dish is having to open cans and other difficult to open food containers. If you are looking for a product that will make this a lot easier for you to do, then Open 7™ is the product that you will definitely find to be useful. Conventional container opening tools usually open only one type of food container, which means that you will usually need to have a number of these types of tools in your kitchen. This can take up a lot of space and can also be quite the hassle for you. With the Open7 on the other hand, you have a tool that can open 7 different types of food containers. This includes food bags, tin cans, bottle caps, cans with pull tabs, plastic bottles, pop top cans as well as glass jars. As seen on, this means that the Open 7 is virtually the only tool that you will need to have in the kitchen when it comes to working with different food containers. Aside from the product's versatility, the Open 7 also has a number of features that makes it much better to use compared to conventional container opening tools. There is the large and ergonomic handle which makes the product really easy to grip and gives you a lot of leverage. Also, the product makes clean cuts on cans and also grips lids so there are no sharp edges left behind and does not require you to hold the lid with your hands, making the task really safe to do.

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