Oreck DualMax Air Purifier - The Specially Designed Filters Make This the Best Air Cleaner Your Money Can Buy

Why should you consider an Oreck DualMax Air Purifier™? The air in your home can be full of all sorts of harmful particles you cannot see. Allergens, pollen, pet dander, not to mention run of the mill dust - all of these are in the air, polluting your home yet invisible to the naked eye. As time goes on, the build-up of these things can become too much, causing the air in your home to become musty at the least, and sickening at the worst. You need an Air Cleaner that filters out all of these particulate pollution in your home, something that will allow you to breathe easy and cleanly in the comfort of your own home. Maybe you have heard of Oreck Air Purifiers, and yes, this was the best option for many homes for many years. But what if you've now moved into a bigger house, or have more pets and people living in your home? You might need double the filtering power of a regular Oreck Air Purifier. That is why Oreck has made the Oreck DualMax Air Purifier. As seen on www.trydualmax.com, the Dual Max Air has twice the are cleaning power of an Oreck Air Purifier, with its double air cleaning capacity, while still utilizing the vaunted truman filter to clean out the air. It comes with its own usage manual, and is truly the best option for super cleaning the air in your home and reviews all agree on this.

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