Oreck VersaVac - Why Hire Cleaners When You Can Easily Clean Your Home with this Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

Whenever a special occasion or gathering happens in the house, you might not have the time to properly and thoroughly clean the house that you need to spend money to hire cleaners and do the work for you. If you are looking for a tool that will effectively clean your home fast and easy, then the Oreck VersaVac™ is what you are looking for. The VersaVac is Oreck's latest and most versatile vacuum ever. Not only is it a full powered vacuum cleaner, it also doubles as a steam mop. This allows the VersaVac to clean a wide variety of surfaces without the need to switch between different cleaning equipment. The VersaVac's steam pad effectively transfers heat onto whatever floor surface you may be cleaning, whether it's wood, tiles, or a carpet floor, the powerful steam pad will loosen dirt and grime for easy cleaning. The on and off brush roll then easily dislodges even the toughest of dirt ensuring that there will be no dirty patches left on the surface. Couple these features with the Oreck Versavac's incredible suction power, and you now have a tool that cleans any surface fast and effectively. The VersaVac is also bagless, making it lightweight and easy to use. With all these features combined, the Oreck VersaVac is one of the best cleaning tools you can purchase for your home today.

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