OrGreenic Flip Jack - The Best Pancake Flipper for Cooking Flapjacks without the Mess of a Regular Pan

Whether you call them pancakes, flapjacks, or hot cakes, these delicious treats are a breakfast meal favorite. But cooking pancakes in a regular frying pan often means they turn out messy, burnt, or uneven in shape. But not with the OrGreenic Flip Jack™! This pancake flipper makes it easy to cook up flapjacks without the mess of having us use a spatula to flip them over. The tight fit design helps keep batter inside for less mess and fewer drips. The dual hinge cooking design means you can flip it with just one hand. FlipJack has the same ceramic surface used by the famous OrGreenic cooking pan. This means that pancakes will not stick to the surface and you can easily slide them out of the pan onto a plate. To use Flip Jack simply add batter, close the lid, and flip the pan. It's that easy! And these are full sized pancake, just like at a restaurant. But Flip Jack does not cook just pancakes. It can be the best way to make over easy eggs with no broken yolks. The included recipe guide provides you with even more ways to use the product: Favorite pancake recipes such as buttermilk, blueberry, and chocolate chip; griddle cheese sandwiches; French toast; strawberry crepes; and more! Also available is a batter pitcher with extra long spout to pour perfect amount of batter with ease. Review the Orgreenic Flip Jack for yourself and find out why it is the best way to cook your breakfast favorites.

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