Ove Glove - Buy this Heat Resisitant 5-Fingered Oven Mitt and Get Control Over Your Cooking. Purchase OveGlove Today.

Tired of balancing dangerously hot casseroles out of the oven? How many times have you burned yourself or dropped a meal that took hours to prepare in a messy heap on the kitchen floor? You can prevent burns and slips with the Ove Glove® from Joseph Enterprises, the amazing oven mitt that has five fingers and non-slip silicone grips for total protection, comfort and control. Remove hot casseroles, pans and cookie sheets from the oven, turn kebabs on the barbecue grill, keep your hands cool while changing hot light bulbs around the house and even turn logs with your fireplace poker without fear of burns with the OveGlove. You might have seen the Ove Glove in stores, but nothing beats the deals when you purchase online - buy the easy to clean Ove Glove today to get the power of firefighter-grade flame resistant Nomex and Kevlar (by DuPont) capable of resisting up to 540 degrees of intense heat. The Ove Glove is no ordinary oven mitt - it has all the control and protection you'll ever need to stop the burns, the messes and the hassles. And it's easy to clean. The perfect gift for your Mom, Grandma, Wife and Girlfriend - purchase two or four and make everyone happy with the gift of convenience and security.

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