OYO Fitness Double Flex - Get a Total Body Workout at Home with this Compact Yet Effective Fitness Tool

When working out, a lot of people want to go to the gym due to the availability of exercise equipment. If you want to get an effective total body workout at home but without the bulk of conventional exercise tools then OYO Fitness Double Flex™ is the product that you should get. As seen on www.double-flex.com, the OYO Fitness DoubleFlex features SPIRAFLEX Technology that is developed for NASA to help astronauts get an effective workout while at the ISS. The OYO Fitness Double Flex features a very compact design which involves the use of nylon covered stainless steel cables, the snap on SPIRAFLEX Flexpack and ergonomic hand grips. With this combination, users will be able to get the resistance that they need when working out, without the weight and bulk of conventional exercise equipment. Also included in the OYO Fitness DoubleFlex system are exercise DVDs which feature renowned fitness trainers Nick Bolton and Laura Jones showing you how you can incorporate the product in your workouts. With the OYO Fitness Double Flex, you will be able to get truly effective, total body workouts easily, even if you are on the go.

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