Pail Refresher - Get Rid of the Smell from Your Trash with this Garbage Odor Eliminator

Do you do the house cleaning yourself, and really hate the stinky smell that comes out of your trash bin? The Pail Refresher™ could get rid of this nasty garbage odor for you. It is very easy to use. All you need to do is to hang the pail refresher onto the side of any garbage container found in your home using the flexible hook. You can also attach the Pail Refresher on any available pail lid. When the pail or garbage bin lid is opened, the battery operated, motion sensing Pail Refresher will automatically dispense an odor eliminator spray that will get rid of the nasty and rotten garbage odor than can be very uncomfortable to your nose. Not only is the Pail Refresher very effective at eliminating bad odor, the deodorizing spray being used is eco-friendly and non-toxic, so it is guaranteed to be safe no matter who inhales the spray. Each Pail Refresher spray cartridge lasts for months of use, and the device is easily washable should you decide to give it a thorough clean. So if you want taking out the trash during clean up a more comfortable experience, then the Pail Refresher is definitely perfect for you!

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