Papa Berts Sippin Seat - The Comfortable Portable Cushion That Doubles As A Container For Your Favorite Game Day Drinks

Every sports fan needs refreshments when enjoying a game, cheering on his or her favorite team. Screaming your lungs out for your home team or jeering at the opposing team is thirsty work, and without refreshments, how would you support your team effectively, or enjoy the game to its fullest? But it can be a total hassle to drag your very own cooler to the stadium. What's worse is sometimes it isn't allowed because they want you to buy their expensive drinks. Not only are those drinks expensive, you have to stand in long lines for them and they may not necessarily have the drink you want. If you have experienced any of these game day drinking troubles, then you are probably ready to hear about Papa Berts Sippin Seat™. Papa Bert's Sippin' Seat is the stealthy, portable, and comfortable cushion you can bring to game day that doubles as a container for your favorite drink. Every Papa Bert's Sippin seat can hold up to 3 cups (750ml) of whatever liquid you would like to put in it. That means you can bring the drink you want to game day, and sip it in comfort. The cushion can support up to 300 lbs, will fit in a stadium seat, and is easy to bring to game day. It even comes in a variety of colors so that you can pick the one for your favorite team. Don't let your throat run dry at game day, get Papa Bert's Sippin' Seat.

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