Pasta Express - The Fastest and Most Convenient Way to Prepare Delicious and Perfectly Cooked Pasta

Pasta based meals are without a doubt delicious and loved by a lot of people. If you love to prepare pasta dishes but hate the mess and guesswork that goes along with pasta preparation then you should be adding the Pasta Express™ to your kitchen. This specially designed pasta cooker will allow you to cook pasta to perfection in a fraction of the time and with little to no mess at all. With conventional pasta preparation, you will have to wait for the water to boil in the pan, break your pasta in order for it to fit in the pan, and when the pasta is done cooking and its time to strain; it always ends up in a mess. This is not the case with the PastaExpress. All you need to do is place the pasta to be cooked in the Pasta Express cylinder without breaking it, pour in boiling water, then secure the strainer on top of the Pasta Express and then pop on it the thermal lid and in just minutes, your pasta is cooked to perfection. When it's time to strain, simply remove the thermal lid and just tilt the Pasta Express to strain all the water out, without wasting any of your pasta and causing a mess. With the Pasta Express, you will be whipping up pasta based meals at a rate and level of convenience that you have never experienced before with conventional pasta cooking methods.

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