Pastafina - Easily Cook a Pasta Based Menu for Your Family with this Unique Pasta Cooker

Does your family love to eat various pasta based dishes and you would like to prepare a pasta-filled menu special occasion but hate the fact that pasta can be quite difficult and messy to prepare? With the Pastafina™, you do not have to worry about the difficulties of preparing pasta. It is a very simple but innovative pasta cooker that will definitely change the way you cook your pasta forever. Upon first glance, the Pastafina may seem like a cylinder for drinks and not a cooker, but in reality, it makes cooking pasta very easy. All you need to do is place your desired pasta into the Pastafina, add boiling water, put the lid on and wait. In as short as 3 minutes, the Pastafina can cook your pasta and due to its transparent design, you can actually see your pasta being cooked, allowing you to easily control how well the pasta is done. Once you are satisfied with the state that your pasta is in, simply remove the top portion of the lid in order for you to easily drain the pasta and all you have to do is serve it. The Pastafina drastically reduces the mess and helps minimize the guesswork in pasta cooking, allowing you to create perfect and delicious pasta dishes every time.

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