Ped Egg Power - Conveniently Remove Dead Skin from Your Feet

A lot of people really hate the buildup of dead skin on their feet as it makes the feet look old and unhealthy. Instead of going to the salon in order to have your feet scrubbed, the Ped Egg Power™ is a much more practical and easier to use solution. To use, all that you need to do is to simply turn on the PedEgg Power and apply the product onto your heel as well as the underside of your feet. The Ped Egg Power’s working surface spins to over 2500 times per second. When applied onto your feet and heels, the nano abrasion technology effectively removes the dead skin from those areas but in a gentle manner, so it does not cause pain or discomfort. The result will be feet that look cleaner and sexier, which should allow you to wear your sandals, slippers or open-heeled shoes with confidence. Not only is the Ped Egg Power effective at removing dead skin cells from your feet, but it is also very effective at removing callouses, making your feet look flawless and really beautiful, but without the hassle and the added cost of going to the salon to have your feet pampered.

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