Pedi Protexx - Protect Your Pedicure and Prevent Damage to it While Still Drying

Women love to add color and polish to their nails as doing so enhances their look but the problem that a lot of women have is that it can be very difficult to protect the newly polished nails from damage and unnecessary contact which can easily ruin the look of the nails. If you are looking for a product that will provide adequate protection to newly polished nails then Pedi Protexx™ is the product to get. What's great about Pedi Protexx is that they are very easy to use. As seen on, all you need to do is to slip the Pedi Protexx base in between your feet and the flip flops that you are using and you now have better protection for your fresh pedicure. PediProtexx features a hard shell construction that will provide a lot more protection to your nail polish and will prevent damage and smudging to it due to objects falling on your feet or due to bumping your feet into furniture or other obstacles. Also, Pedi Protexx features small cutouts on the front area of the hard shell that will allow air to easily pass through and ensure that your pedicure dries up in the shortest time possible.

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