Pedimask - The Exfoliating and Peeling Foot Mask That Will Surely Give Your Feet Soft and Smooth Skin

If you love to wear slippers, flip-flops or open toed shoes and sandals, then you must hate the rough and calloused skin on your feet as they can look very unsightly that they can ruin your gorgeous look. If you are looking for a sure way to get rid of this dead skin and give your feet the soft and smooth skin that you have always wanted, then Pedimask™ is the way to go. It is a foot mask that is guaranteed to get rid of the ugly looking calloused skin on your feet in just one application. Pedimask is very easy to use. All you need to do is slide your feet into the Pedimask, put on a pair of socks and go about your day. After a few hours, simply remove the Pedimask from your feet. You will notice the exfoliating and peeling action of the Pedimask, as it gently yet effectively destroys the bond between the rough and ugly outer layer of dead skin cells from the soft and healthy looking skin underneath. All you need to do is to brush off the layer of calloused skin and you will be greeted with beautiful, healthy and young looking skin on your feet. With the Pedimask, you do not have to feel guilty and ashamed to wear your favorite open toed shoes, sandals and other footwear, and you can definitely go barefoot with confidence that the skin on your feet look beautiful.

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