Perfect Brownie - The Pan That Makes Baking Brownies Delicious and Perfect in Shape and Size

The Perfect Brownie™ need not be as difficult to make as it often is. With the Perfect Brownie pan, baking delicious brownies is doable, with each slice the same size and with clean edges all around. It is so easy. You no longer need to cut, grip and tear your brownies by accident in your effort to make them come out square and even. A careful review of the Perfect Brownie pan as seen on TV will show you how this is done. The Perfect Brownie pan has a durable, non-stick coating on the pan. It's so easy to use. Just pour your favorite batter on the pan, insert the dividers, and bake. You end up with 18 perfect slices of brownies all at once. Even better, the Perfect Brownie pan can be used to bake other recipe dishes too. You can make 18 marshmallow treats and they will not stick. You can also make fluffy cakes, bar cookies, stack up ice cream sandwiches, or grandma apple pies. When you remove the dividers, the bottom and sides separate too, and you have an attractive serving tray. This is useful for any happy family occasion--Birthdays, graduation parties, holidays, and bake sales.

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