Perfect Egg Sandwich - In 5 Minutes this Maker Cooks Delicious Breakfast Recipes at Home Right In Your Oven

Egg sandwiches are some of the most convenient and delicious breakfast treats you can have. But instead of going to a fast food place or cafe to pick one up why not make them at home. Perfect Egg Sandwich™ is a baking pan that lets you make egg sandwiches in your own oven that are as good as any you will find in a restaurant. Most recipes for how to make egg sandwiches at home are messy because you have to toast, fry, and stack to put the sandwich together. Using a frying pan to cook the eggs uses too much butter an oil. The Perfect Egg Sandwich maker is healthier because it bakes the food instead of frying, so that your family will be consuming less cholesterol and fewer calories per serving. The tray can even fit inside of a toaster oven. To make a recipe, you add eggs to two of the cups in the pan and batter to the four others. You can use pancake, biscuit, or muffin batter, according to the recipe you want. Place it in the oven to cook and in as quickly as 5 minutes, you will have two hot sandwiches ready. The pan features a non-stick coating and it can be placed inside your dishwasher for fast and easy cleaning. Make all kinds of recipes by adding bacon, sausage and cheese to your sandwiches. The Perfect Egg Sandwich maker comes with a drip-free batter dispenser.

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