Perfect Harmony Candle - Flameless, Color Changing, Candles To Fit Any Decor In Your Home

If you don't have a Perfect Harmony Candle™ in your home, then you need one today. Our homes are our most biggest and perhaps most important investment. It is the place where we should feel safe and comfortable. A lot goes into that, including proper decor and atmosphere. We want our family and friends to feel good when they are in our home, and the Perfect Harmony Candle can help you achieve that perfect look and atmosphere you are searching for in any occasion. The Perfect Harmony Candle is an LED lighted, color changing, flameless candle. LED lighted means power efficient. Perfect Harmony Candles will add color and beauty to your home, without outrageous power costs. Flameless means the Perfect Harmony Candle is a safe and sensible addition to your home decor, never putting your family at risk with open flame. But those are not even the best part about the Perfect Harmony Candle. It has a special color changing feature that allows you to change the color of the candle at the press of a button. Just hold up the desired color to its special sensor, and then press the color change button and it will instantly adjust to your decor. Whether you use a favorite curtain, vase or even dress to change the color, the Perfect Harmony Candle will deliver comforting, candle effect, flickering light to any room in the color you want. There is nothing quite as magnificent as this wonderful candle. Get your set today!

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