Perfect Pancake - Better, Easier, and Cleaner than a Pan, this is the Best Pancake Maker Around

Whether you call them flapjacks or hot cakes, pancakes are one of the all-time favorite breakfast foods, but cooking them the traditional way in a frying pan or griddle can be a mess. But not with Perfect Pancake™, the innovative new way to cook up all kinds of pancakes. Normally if you don't flip a pancake just right with a spatula, it will turn out misshapen and messy. But with the Perfect Pancake maker, all you have to do it pour the batter, close the lid, and flip it for four golden brown pancakes that will be perfectly round and beautiful every time. If you can turn a doorknob, you can use this machine. And by cooking 4 pancakes at once, your familiy's breakfast will be ready much faster than making them one at a time in a small skillet . Perfect Pancake is made with a double-sided non-stick surface that is so slippery not even burnt-on cheese will stick to it. And clean up is fast and easy as well. Another important advantage is that food can be cooked without using unhealthy butter, oil, or fat. Make every favorite pancake recipe: buttermilk, blueberry, gingerbread, cranberry, chocolate chip, apple cinnamon. The Perfect Pancake can even be used to make fried eggs, without breaking the yolk! This is also a way to whip up those crepe desserts and egg sandwiches that you enjoy at restaurants. Find out for yourself why this the faster, easier healthier, cleaner way to make pancakes.

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