PermaShades 3000 - Reviews Say these Sunglasses are the Most Durable Ones You Can Get Today

The glare of the sun can be quite powerful at times that it would be wise to bring a pair of sunglasses along when you go outdoors but due to the activities that you do, there is the possibility that you will get to damage even completely break your sunglasses. If you are looking for a pair of sunglasses that will not easily break then PermaShades 3000™ are what you should be looking at. As seen on, what sets these shades apart from other sunglasses is that they feature Flexbend technology which can bend in order to conform to any trauma or force that may be applied onto the watch yet will always bend back to shape. Aside from the durable construction, PermaShades 3000 also features a slim form factor and light weight, making it easy to wear and bring along with you. Reviews also love that the PermaShades 3000 feature replaceable lenses that pop in and out of the durable frame in seconds which should make maintaining these shades very easy even with extended periods of use. Due to the durability of the PermaShades 3000 as well as the lenses that you can easily replace, these shades will be able to last you a lifetime.

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