Pet Spread - Easily Prevent Your Pet from Leaving Odors and Messes on Your Sofa with this Product

Pets love to stay warm and comfortable with the sofa being their go-to place to lie on. If you notice that your sofa gets quite messy and smells bad thanks to your pet and you want to prevent this from happening, then thePet Spread™ is the product to get. This product is specially designed to prevent the mess and odors that your pet may bring onto the sofa. As seen on, the PetSpread features flaps that are able to cover not only the sofa's sitting area but also the back rest, the lower side of the sofa as well as the arm rests. This helps to minimize the mess from going onto the sofa's actual surface. Also, what's great about the Pet Spread is that it is made of soft yet at the same time durable quilted fabric so your pet will have a comfortable time on it yet at the same time will be able to protect your sofa from mess and also the potential damage that your pet can make onto the sofa. The product is quite easy to clean to, ensuring that it can be used to protect your sofa for many years to come.

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