PetGroom Pro - Groom Your Pet While at The Same Time Keep It Clean and Odour Free with this Product

Having a pet is one great way to keep you company and that they can be fun to play and interact with, but the problem is that your dog or cat can leave fur all over the house, causing mess. Also, your pet can leave nasty odours around the house, but with the PetGroom Pro™, keeping your pet properly groomed and minimizing left-over fur and the spread of nasty odours can be stopped. All that you need to do is to use the PetGroomPro just like you would a regular brush. However, the Pet Groom Pro is not just a regular brush, as it offers a number of amazing features. It features a built in ionic pad that bathes your pet in cleansing ions that eliminates odour and bacteria on your pet's skin. As seen on, the PetGroom Pro features a magnetic pad that attracts excess fur onto its surface. When you are done grooming your dog or cat, you simply lift the magnetic pad from the brush to allow the fur to fall off of the bristles, making them easy to dispose. With the PetGroomPro, not only is it very easy to groom your pet and keep it looking and smelling clean and fresh; you also get to minimize the messy fur around your home.

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