Phantom Flyers - Give Your Child a Flying Toy that is Truly Fun to Play With

If your child loves airplanes and the like then your child also most likely loves toys that fly. Instead of having your child play with just paper planes, you will want your child to play with Phantom Flyers™ instead. Phantom Flyers are specially designed toys that can fly the distance. As seen on, Phantom Flyers are made out of lightweight, soft as well as flexible materials that makes them very easy to fly and will not hurt an individual should they get hit with the PhantomFlyers. The product also comes in a myriad of colors that should appeal to a wide range of children. Along with its light and aerodynamic design, the Phantom Flyers also features a small yet ample in power motor. Simply press on the On/Off Switch on the Phantom Flyers to activate the motor, make your child throw it like they would a paper plane and watch as the Phantom Flyers fly over 100 feet which is a feat that your child will most definitely love. You can also bend the tail of the Phantom Flyers before throwing it to the wind as this will allow the toy to fly back to you which is something that your child will appreciate even more.

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