Philips Lifeline AutoAlert - This Low Cost Medical Alert Service Device System Receives Many Positive Reviews

Are you already of senior age and you are worried of the risk of falls, heart-attacks and other emergency medical situations that could happen to you? Many of these situations require immediate help in order for you to survive the ordeal but if no immediate help is around, then it is good to have a Philips Lifeline AutoAlert™ device within easy reach. The Philips Lifeline Auto Alert systems allow an individual to receive the necessary immediate medical response even if there is no one nearby that is capable of helping you. This year alone, 13 million older Americans are at risk of experiencing a fall, yet half of this number will need extra help to get up. The Philips Lifeline AutoAlert service is comprised of a pendant style help button that a user can wear around his or her neck. Should the user experience an emergency, all the user needs to do is to press the button on the pendant. The Philips Lifeline AutoAlert service will then immediately notify the necessary services and give you the help that you need. What is great is that you do not need to spend money to buy equipment or sign a long term contract that can make things a whole lot more expensive.

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