Pillow Huggers - The Stuffed Animal That Your Child Will Love To Play and Cuddle With Up Until Bedtime

If your child loves to play with stuffed animals and you plan to give him or her another one which he or she will surely enjoy at home, outdoors, while traveling or from morning up to bedtime then the Pillow Huggers™ is the stuffed animal to get. As with other stuffed animals; Pillow Huggers feature cute and cuddly designs that your child will surely appreciate. The Pillow Huggers designs include a dog, a unicorn a monkey design and many more. Pillow Huggers also feature very soft and smooth fabric that your child will surely love to hug. PillowHuggers however is not like other stuffed animals as unzipping the Pillow Huggers will reveal a pillow case, which you can then attach to the included pillow. Your child now has a pillow that he or she will love to use during bedtime, and should help your child sleep easier at night. Due to this function, Pillow Huggers also work great for use as travel pillows, and your child will surely love using them whenever he or she goes to sleep or goes for a nap. Pillow Huggers also work great for slumber parties, and your child and his or her friends will surely have a lot of fun using this product.

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