Pillow Pets Dream Waves - This Stuffed Animal that Produces Light Waves to be the Perfect Companion for Your Child During Bedtime

Does your child have trouble sleeping at night due to fear of the dark? You can make your child feel more comfortable and at ease during bedtime with Pillow Pets Dream Waves™. On the outside, these stuffed animals may be the cutest that your child has ever seen. Pillow Pets Dream Waves comes in many different designs which include puppy, sea unicorn, sea lion tie dye frog, pink sea turtle designs and many more! These stuffed animals are also extremely soft and cuddly that your child will surely love playing with them during bedtime. What sets Pillow Pets Dream Waves apart from other stuffed animals is its unique feature. All that your child needs to do is to press a button and the Pillow Pets Dream Waves light up, producing a night light that projects onto the ceiling of your child's room. The lights move back and forth, making it look like the surface of the ocean. Not only will this capture your child's attention and imagination, but a lot of reviews from parents also love the fact that this feature of the Pillow Pets Dream Waves negates their child's fear of the dark, making sleeping during bedtime a lot less of a hassle both for the parent and child.

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