Pillow Pets - A Cuddly Stuffed Animal With A Purpose

Children of all ages love stuffed animals, but sometimes we find that the endless number of stuffed toys we give them just ends up as clutter, because they do no more than be cute and cuddly. But what if these stuffed toys could actually be useful? What if they could have a purpose? That is the idea that brought the Pillow Pets™ to life. Pillow Pets are cute, cuddly stuffed animals that transform into full-sized pillows! Your children will love playing with their pillow pets, which come in an astounding variety of colors, animals and famous characters to fit any picky pillow pet fancier's tastes. As a pet, the pillow pets are cute, bright and colorful, making them a treat to look at and play with. They are ultra soft and perfect for hugging, but made durable so that they last for years. With a simple pull, your child can open the hook and loop strap, transforming the Pillow Pet into a pillow for naptime or bedtime. When morning comes, all it takes is a quick reattachment of the hook and loop strap and the Pillow Pet is now ready for a day of play. What other stuffed animal is as purposeful as a Pillow Pet?The Pillow Pet is also convenient for you, because it is machine washable, and can even act as your child's very own overnight bag because PJs fit right inside. Get your child a Pillow Pet today, and see it cherished for years to come.

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